New sustainable bicycle lane markings

14-05-2019 | 10:56
New sustainable bicycle lane markings

The municipality of Wageningen found a sustainable and convenient innovation concerning bicycle markings which indicate bicycle lanes. Bicycle markings, which indicate bicycle lanes, are normally made with a material called thermoplastic. When using thermoplastic, the bicycle markings will come with a minimal thickness of 3 mm. When cycling around the Netherlands you have probably experienced this yourself.

To improve the smooth journey for cyclist’s on bicycle lanes while at the same time improving the clarity of bicycle lanes in Wageningen, the municipality searched for alternative solutions. At the moment a sustainable and reflective material, based on a sprayable plastic, is found to apply the bicycle markings on the road. The material is suitable for all road surfaces, including concrete. And, the visibility of the markings is excellent during the night our when it is raining. The layer thickness of this new used material is only 400 microns thick.

You are able to experience these new bicycle markings yourself at the Grintweg, Marijkeweg, Nudestraat, Westbergweg and Veerdam in Wageningen, and see how smooth the cycling will be!

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