Where to buy a bicycle?

Where to buy a bicycle?

Are you looking for a new or second-hand bicycle? You will find several selling points in Wageningen. A list of addresses is presented below. More can be found on the Internet. For a complete overview of bicycle shops in Wageningen shown in google maps, click here.

Bicycle shops

Finding second-hand and new bicycles online

Top 5 points to pay attention to when buying a second-hand bicycle

Make sure that your bicycle meets the following criteria:

  1. Properly working brakes: two properly working hand brakes or properly functioning coaster brakes.
  2. Properly working gears.
  3. The right frame size: not too big, so that you can set the saddle to a height at which you can still touch the ground with your feet.
  4. Reflectors and properly working lights: front and rear light, red rear reflector and tires or wheels with side reflectors.
  5. Pedals with a rough surface and with yellow reflectors.
Bicycle parts