Bicycle theft

Bicycle theft

Unfortunately, bicycles are regularly being stolen. If this should happen to you, it is important to report the theft at a local police station or on the internet (website in Dutch). You can check the register for stolen bicycles afterwards to see if yours is listed there and has successfully been reported. This register can also be used to check whether a second-hand bicycle that you are considering to buy is truly owned by the seller.

What do you need when reporting bicycle theft

If available, bring a proof of ownership. In any case gather as much information on the bicycle as possible: brand, type, colour, serial number, frame and/or chipnumber etc.

Is the bicycle registered?

In order to check whether a bicycle is listed as being stolen, you will need a combination of the bicycle’s frame number and brand, or its chip number (also called ‘theft prevention number’ (dpc in Dutch, or ‘Protagtor’). Fill in this information online. A positive answer means that the bicycle was indeed stolen. A negative answer means that the bicycle is not listed as stolen (yet, the police have 10 days to process a theft report).

Where to find the frame number?

If you posess the official purchasing certificate or proof of ownership of the bicycle, you will find its unique characteristics on these documents (frame number, brand, type and if applicable the chip number). If you do not have these documents, you can most probably find the frame number on your bicycle.

How to recognize a frame number?

You will often find several numbers on a bicycle. The Dutch bicycle manufacturers decided to adopt a standardized format for the frame number in 2006. Such a number consists of two letters, followed by seven digits. A Batavus bicycle could for example have the number BA1234567. Bicycles that date from before 2006 will have a different type of frame number per bicycle brand. The location of the number will not be the same either. As this can complicate your search for your bicycle’s frame number, an overview was made of the format and location of the number per bicycle brand. You can find it here.

Why can I not find a frame number on my bicycle?

It is possible that your bicycle does not have one. This can have two reasons. The manufacturer may not have engraved one into your bicycle: this is mainly the case for older bicycles or bicycles that have been imported from abroad. It is also possible that the frame number was removed by a thief or fence to pass police checks. If your bicycle however does not have a frame number, you can bet that the police will pay special attention to it… Since January 1, 2010, all bicycles in the Netherlands are required to have a frame number engraved, this includes the older and international bicycles!