How to get around

How to get around

Multimodal Route planner

Use a route planner to plan your trip! Fill in your origin and destination and the time of departure or arrival, and the website will present a detailed trip. Two handy travel planners are listed here:

Cycling route planner

Use the Fietsersbond or ANWB website to plan your next (recreational) cycling trip!

Weather and rain forecast

Buienradar (rain radar) has been a household name in the Netherlands for over 10 years. With this reliable radar, rain reports and weather forecasts, you are always well prepared and never have to get wet! Although the app is not available in English, it is very easy to use.

Buienalarm (rain alarm) is another handy app which shows you a graph of the amount of rain that is going to fall in the upcoming 2 hours. This is very useful for a last minute check before going outside!

Weerplaza (weather radar) is also an app comparable to Buienalarm where you can choose a specific location. This app shows the rainfall in a graph and satallite map.