Traffic signs

Traffic signs

Traffic signs are signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. In the left menu you will find the most important rules for cyclists with the traffic signs. Click here for a full list of the 'Road Traffic Signs and Regulations' in the Netherlands.

Where are you allowed to cycle?

Cyclists have to cycle on the dedicated cycle tracks. A compulsory cycle track can be recognized by the blue round sign with a white bicycle. There are also rectangular blue signs that have the word ‘Fietspad’ (cycle track/ cycle path) printed on them. They indicate the presence of a cycling track that is not mandatory. If there is no cycle track at all, you should cycle on the right part of the road, alongside to the other traffic.

You are not allowed to cycle on the highway!

Bicycle path

Cycle path – Optional, compulsory cycle lane
End of cycle path - Optional
Route for pedal cycle and mopeds only
End of route for pedal cycles and mopeds
Cycle path - Optional
Bicycle street, motorists as guests

Right of way

Priority road
End of priority road
Crossroads with priority
Road junction with priority over minor road from the left
Road junction with priority over minor road from the right
Give priority to traffic on the main road ahead
Give priority to traffic on the main road ahead. You must stop.
If you see this sign below a set of three-colour traffic light and you want to turn to the right, you can proceed. Even when the traffic light is red. ("Rechtsaf voor (brom)fietsers vrij" translates into "Turning right for mopeds and cyclists is possible")

Bicycle parking

No parking bicycles or mopeds allowed

Warning signs

Dangerous crossing
Pedestrian crossing
School crossing
Opening or swing bridge ahead
Level crossing without barrier or gates ahead
Level crossing with barrier or gates ahead
Road works ahead
Uneven road

Prohibition signs

Road closed in both directions to vehicles and riders
No entry in this direction for vehicular traffic, horse riders and persons in charge of animals or livestock
No access for bicycles or for non-motor-powered invalid carriages
No access for pedestrians


Signposts for cyclists and moped riders (finger posts) showing local and intermediary destinations, municipal cycle route numbers (above) and showing intermediary destinations and intermediary cycle route numbers (below).