After having been properly introduced to cycling, you may want to know which boxes a safe bicycle needs to tick before purchasing one. After all, we all want a safe ride, right? You can buy your bicycle online or at a local bicycle shop, and you will have to decide whether you want a brand new or a second-hand bicycle. Interested in pimping your ride? There are several shops that offer accessories in all colours and sizes. Remember however that your lights should always remain visible.

Have you been cycling too fanatically? Flat tire? Broken chain? Don’t worry: you can find tips on how to repair your bicycle or if you prefer, addresses of specialised bicycle repair stores.

Unfortunately, bicycles are regularly being stolen. If this should happen to you, it is important to report the theft at a local police station or on the internet (Dutch website). Fill in your personal details and indicate the bicycle theft. You will need your bicycle’s frame number and brand for this (national) registration. You can check the register for stolen bicycles afterwards to see if yours is listed there. This register can also be used to check whether a second-hand bicycle that you are considering to buy is truly owned by the seller.