What MUST be present on your bike: WHAT IS MANDATORY?

  • Properly functioning brakes
  • A properly functioning bell
  • Pedals with a rough surface
  • Tightly screwed on handlebars
  • Yellow reflectors on the pedals
  • A red rear reflector 
  • White or yellow side reflectors in the wheels
  • A white front light
  • A red rear light

What is not mandatory but RECOMMENDED?

  • A white front reflector
  • Luggage straps or bicycle bags
  • A white or  yellow reflecting rear mudboard
  • Tightly fixed hand grips
  • Tires with sufficiently deep grooves

When cycling in the dark or with poor view, make sure that you always turn your lights on. You will find that many sport bicycles do not have lights because they are normally not used in the dark. If you have this type of bicycle, or if you are just not confident that your lights work properly, you can easily buy a set of detachable lights. Click below for shops where these lights can be purchased:

- Hollandbikeshop

Click here to see an overview of Dutch names for crucial bicycle parts.