Parking facilities

Parking facilities

There are several good locations for parking your bicycle in Wageningen.

Bus station Stadsbrink

You can find a free and sheltered bicycle shed at the Stadsbrink bus station. A Lock’n’Go system is in place: it is a way to park your bicycle in a quick, safe and simple way! Your bicycle’s frame is locked in an electric clamp. You will however need a personal membership card to use this bicycle shed. This card is free, you only pay € 5,- deposit. Click here for more information or send an e-mail in which you request a membership card.

Across Stadsbrink bus station

On the Hoogstraat (behind the HEMA shop and the ‘Markt', the central square), as well as on several other locations in the center of Wageningen, you can find bicycle racks in or against which you can easily park your bicycle.

Sharing a bicycle lock-up of the NS

The NS, the Dutch train operating company, has installed lock-ups for bicycle parking. These are special safes that allow you to always park your bicycle safely! These lock-ups are for rent: an annual subscription costs € 105,-. This amount needs to be paid in advance. Also, a once only warranty fee of € 40,- is requested. Do you only intend to use the bicycle lock-up for a few months? Make use of the monthly subscription of € 12,-. As soon as you cancel your subscription, the NS will restitute the money that you may have already paid for the rest of month back into your bank account. You can request more information on this topic at the train station of Ede-Wageningen.

How to rent a bicycle lock-up through the Internet?

Fill in the specific form online. Once you have done so, your request will be handled by NS Fiets BV. You should receive a confirmation email of your reservation, containing your contract number, information on the payment method and general conditions. If all lock-ups at your train station are already let, you will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as there is an opening, you will receive a written confirmation. The key/card will be sent to you by mail, once the yearly fee and warranty fee have been received.

Click here for more information or the general conditions that apply to a bicycle lock-up subscription.

Parking Forum

Parking Forum has a large outdoor bicycle rack and an indoor bicycle cellar. The bicycle cellar is only accessible for students and employees of the University of Wageningen. It can be accessed from the southern side of the building (slope). The opening hours are shown by means of the open/closed signs above the entrance. The bicycle cellar is closed on Saturday and Sunday, but leaving the bicycle cellar is possible at any time.