Bicycle repair

Bicycle repair

If your bicycle has broken down, you can take it to a bicycle repair shop. Often, shops that sell bikes also repair them. It is a quick and effective solution: you can rest safe that it will be properly fixed! You can, of course, decide to fix it yourself. Bicycle parts can be bought in every bicycle shop and with a bit of help, you will be cycling again in no time!

The Biker's Oasis

Address: Herenstraat 11, Wageningen
The owner fixes bicycles at a reasonable price. He occasionally sells second-hand bicycles.

Phelo Cycle

Telephone number: +31 (0)6 22 19 93 75
Phelo Cycle provides free home service, meaning when your bike needs to be repaired they will come to pick up the bike at your house.

De Rijdende Fietsenmaker

Address: Boterstraat 2b, 6701 CW, Wageningen


Address: Lawickse Allee 5, 6701 AN, Wageningen


Address: Bevrijdingsstraat 30a, 6703 AA, Wageningen

Trade Frm

Address: Bronland 4, Building E, 6708 PB Wageningen
Bicycle shop on campus. Sells second-hand bicycles and does repairs.


Address: Industrieweg 3-5, 6702 DR, Wageningen

Repair your own bicycle

If you want to try to repair your own bicycle, click here for 'the bicycle repair guide'.
Click here to see an overview of Dutch names for crucial bicycle parts.

Tip: It is always a good idea to carry a tire repair set with you. These can be bought at a bicycle shop or a local D.I.Y. shop.

Meet TeamAlert

TeamAlert is wandering around big student cities during introduction weeks with their FietsFix project. During these weeks they talk with students about the importance of a safe bike. Their traffic safety promoters will show you how easy it is to make small repairs and how you can maintain your bicycle in a cheap and smart way.

For more information, click here