Handy shared bike system at bus station Wageningen

Handy shared bike system at bus station Wageningen

Since the 8th of February everyone in Wageningen can easily rent a bicycle! At the bus station of Wageningen a bicycle carousal has been installed. There are 20 KeoBikes who can be rented via an App. The main idea behind the shared bike system is that bus passengers who arrive in Wageningen can use a bicycle to continue their journey.

The councillor Peter de Haan (responsible for Sustainable Mobility) is very pleased with the arrival of the shared bike system. ??We want to offer travellers the oppportunity to think consiously about their means of transport, often using the bicycle is the most logical in Wageningen. The combination of using the public transport and the bicycle became even a better way now.??

Digitial Bicycle Key Via the KeoBike App, travelers easily and quickly rent a bicycle. This costs ?3,- per day. When renting the bike you use your smartphone as a secure digitial bicycle key.

The KeoBike concept In 2016, KeoBike, which is a regional transport company, started the innovative bicycle carousal. There are now 25 locations and 290 KeoBikes on the Veluwe. In the first half of 2019, another 15 locations and 160 KeoBikes will be added. "We recognise it in our daily live, a journey is no longer tied to one mode of transport, and in order to accomodate our passengers as good as possible, we have to be flexible.", explains Cees Anker, General Director of Keolis Nederland.


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