Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings

Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings

Cycling trips are a fun way to get to know Wageningen. Whether you are temporarily staying in Wageningen or if you've lived here all your life, you'll always discover new things. The cycling trips of Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings are led by an experienced guide who is passionate about the landscapes, history, nature and culture around Wageningen. The relaxed atmosphere and extensive picnic make these cycling trips very popular with international students, researchers and their families.

The goal is to organise four cycling trips per year. Recurring themes are: the landscapes of Wageningen, the second world war, to hell and beyond (to nature reserve De Blauwe Hel), nature reserve De Hoge Veluwe, and the Airborne memorial paradrop. Participants are invited to submit requests for themes for cycling trips.

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