How cycling infra benefits from car infra

20-10-2020 | 17:51
How cycling infra benefits from car infra

The Provincial Executives of Gelderland opted for the Alternative Existing Route (ABR) to make Wageningen more accessible by car. This includes an underpass for car traffic on the Nijenoord Alle, underneath the intersection Nijenoord Allee – Churchillweg. In this way, cyclist will continuously be able to cross the Nijenoord Allee safely. According to the Executives, choosing for the ABR results in the best balance between accessibility, sustainability, quality of life and the environment by ensuring a better traffic flow for cars and bicycles.

The Provincial Executives have made a well-balanced decision by looking into the six different possible options of the Campus Route. The decision is based on effects on the nearby environment and costs.

Currently, the intersection of Nijenoord Allee – Churchillweg isn’t great for cyclist. Future increase of car and bicycle traffic will negatively influence this situation. Therefore, separating the cars and cyclist will improve both traffic flows.

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