What is a ‘fietsstraat’?

13-03-2020 | 17:02
What is a ‘fietsstraat’?

The Dutch keep on improving and pioneering their bicycle network. A quite new phenomenon which nowadays is embraced by municipalities throughout the nation is the so called ‘fietsstraat’, or in English bicycle street. And what does a bicycle street mean? A bicycle street is similarly designed as a bicycle path, however, with the exception that cars are allowed to entry the street as guests.

For implementing a bicycle street it is essential that cyclists are the dominating mode of transport compared to other mode of transport such as cars. The bicycle street should be clearly indicated and designed for cyclist. In this way it makes it immediately clear to car drives that they are guests and need to behave accordingly.

Nowadays bicycle streets are mainly implemented in residential areas and function as a main route for cyclist. For example, the van Uvenweg where the municipality of Wageningen just started with constructing a new bicycle street. The redesign of the van Uvenweg towards a bicycle street improves comfortable cycling within the city. Hopefully all cyclist can enjoy this new route soon!

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