Bicycle culture

30-11-2020 | 15:30
Bicycle culture

The municipality of Wageningen is proud on its very well-developed bicycle culture. However, this doesnít mean that the municipality is leaning back and waits what the future will bring. To accommodate all those who are cycling the municipality continues working on improving its bicycle culture. For example, by interventions related to the bicycle infrastructure.

Example: The cycle path of the Ben van Londenstraat seems to be a shortcut for cyclists, while itís actually is part of a continuously secondary cycle route, connecting to the Binnenhaven which is the primary cycle route. To promote this connection, the route has been recently improved in comfort and safety.

First, it was examined whether an alternative extra passage could be realized. This was possible however multiple trees had to be removed. Due to the age of the trees, it was decided to cut them town. However, additional shrubs and replanted and new tree have been added in the nearby surroundings to compensate. A natural and liveable surrounding is created. Traffic markings at the edge of the bicycle path have been applied to increase the safety of the route. If cyclist cycle too close to the side they will be notified by vibrations due to cycling over the traffic markings. Additionally, the markings can easily be seen in the dark. In the end, itís another intervention which adds to improving the bicycle culture within the municipality.

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