Come to see 1000 parachutists jump from airplanes

Come to see 1000 parachutists jump from airplanes

The annual airborne memorial paradrop commemorates the battle over Arnhem during the second world war. Allied forces organised a major attack on the bridges across the Rhine in 1944 to liberate the Netherlands before winter. They had been betrayed and the Nazi's happened to have more military forces in the area so it was a disaster. Until a few years ago, veterans who jumped themselves in 1944 joined the parachutists on the memorial. These days, their health no longer permits them to do this. 

Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings is a community of international students. With the help of an experienced, local guide who is passionate about the Netherlands, we come together six times per year to cycle, to picnic and to have fun. 

More info on the Facebook event page and on the Exploring Wageningen and Surroundings website.


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