Meet TeamAlert: Traffic safety by and for youth

Meet TeamAlert: Traffic safety by and for youth

Our dream? Improving the lives of young Dutch people. How? By challenging them to make the most out of their lives: to be happier, safer and healthier. We focus on a wide range of relevant social subjects which are relevant to young people, such as road safety, a healthy lifestyle and money matters. TeamAlert has a great impact! That’s because we make it personal and approach people in an original, humorous and straightforward way. Thanks to a scientific line of reasoning within our interventions, we actually know how to convince young people and encourage behavioral change.

The most important form of transportation for a student is a bicycle. However, student bikes are not exactly known for their safety. Bicycles are used very often, bike parts wear down easily and a bicycle repair man is often quite expensive. So, is your bike suffering from a major hangover? Let’s do something about it!

TeamAlert is wandering around big student cities during introduction weeks with our FietsFix project. During these weeks we talk with students about the importance of a safe bike. Our traffic safety promoters will show you how easy it is to make small repairs and how you can maintain your bicycle in a cheap and smart way. See you there?

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