Pitlane for bicycle lighting

25-11-2014 | 11:21

On Wednesday, 26 November, ROV East Netherlands and the Municipality of Wageningen will be organising an event promoting bicycle lights on the campus of the University of Wageningen, on the field facing the Forum Building from 4 p.m. until approximately 8 p.m.
“This is a good and fun action, because having visible bicycle lights is important to safe participation in traffic during the dark winter months,” said Alderman Han ter Maat.
During the event, a special team will monitor the lights of passing cyclists. Cyclists who have functioning lights will receive a nice gadget as a reward. Cyclists who do not have good lights will receive new lights for free! 
Cyclist will also have the option of appearing in a picture on the Facebook page of ROV East Netherlands. Cyclists who tag themselves, will have a chance to win other nice prizes.
In November and December, the police do extra checks on the proper use of bicycle lights. A cyclist using no lights or inadequate lights may be fined €55.

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