The Cycling Highway between Ede-Wageningen

24-09-2021 | 12:28
The Cycling Highway between Ede-Wageningen

The Municipality of Wageningen and Ede work closely together in cooperation with the Province of Gelderland to implement a Cycling Highway between Ede city center, via the center of Bennekom, and Wageningen city center.

A Cycling Highway is a direct cycling route with as less as possible obstacles, as much as possible priority for the cyclist and smooth asphalt. In this way cyclist will be able to cycle comfortably towards their destination in a quick and enjoyable way.

Past months developments have been made for the preliminary designs of the Cycling Highway. On the 14th of October an informative digital evening will be organized to discuss the preliminary design on the Churchillweg and Hoevestein so far. Feel welcome to join this session. Are you interested to hear more about all the developments or if you want to be kept posted? Get in contact via the following e-mail address: We expect to start with the construction of the first parts of the Cycling Highway in 2022.

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