Tools for repairing your bicycle
A flat tire cannot always be prevented! You may want to leave in the morning, finding that the tire has been leaking air all night, or suddenly find yourself stuck with a flat tire halfway your trip. It is always a good idea to carry a tire repair set with you. These can be bought at a bicycle shop or a local D.I.Y. shop.

Bicycle bags
Bicycle bags come in different shapes and sizes. There are several renowned brands that sell high quality bags and other accessories. A bicycle bag is very handy for transporting books or groceries. Since you attach it to your luggage carrier, you have your hands free. 

Bicycle locks
The Netherlands has the record for the largest number of bicycle locks sold per year. Not very surprising, since so many people cycle and bicycles tend to be stolen regularly! In order to prevent the latter from happening to you, you should always lock your bicycle, either in guarded or in unguarded parking facilities. It is advised to use two locks: one that is fixed to your bicycle and a separate lock to be attached to an external point. Using two locks of a different type makes it harder for potential thieves to steal your bicycle. Buy locks that carry the ART quality mark. Click here for more information (Dutch website).

Child seat
As soon as a child can independently sit up straight, he/she can travel in a child seat. These seats can be mounted on the luggage carrier or can be fixed to the handlebars. Children up to the age of 3 can sit in a seat that is attached to the handlebars, while children aged 3 to 5 should be sitting in a child seat that is mounted on the luggage carrier. Pay attention to the following issues:

  • Never leave your bicycle on the bicycle stand when the child seat is occupied, not even if you have a wide stand!
  • Make sure that your bicycle cannot fall over as your child is climbing on it or as you are lifting your child up onto the seat.
  • Load your groceries or bags onto the bicycle before putting your children on it.
  • Keep in mind that the extra weight will cause you to pull up and brake more slowly.
  • Make sure that your child cannot accidentally block the wheel, for example by kicking against a loose lock.