When to switch your bicycle lights on?

  • At night
  • During the day, at semidarkness or in case of poor view (e.g. fog)

Regulation for bicycle lights

  • A bicycle should have a front and rear light;
  • The lights must be visible and shine straight forward, respectively backward;
  • The lights must be attached to the bicycle or to the cyclist's chest. In other words, not to the head, arms or legs. If you are transporting someone on your luggage carrier, he or she can wear the rear light on the back;
  • The lights can not flash or blind other traffic;
  • The front light must be white or yellow;
  • The rear light must be red.

Bicycle lights front Bicycle lights back

Regulation for reflectors
The following reflectors are mandatory for every type of bicycle.

  • A red rear reflector;
  • Yellow reflectors on the pedals;
  • Circular reflectors on the tires or wheels

When can you get a fine?

  • When cycling without lights in the dark, at dusk or with poor view (€ 60,-);
  • When cycling without reflectors on the rear of your bicycle, on the pedals or on your wheels or tires (€ 40,-);
  • When cycling with a flashing light, a poorly visible light, a light of the wrong colour or a light that is attached to the wrong place (€ 60,-).

The municipality of Wageningen facilitates in bicyle lights by having a campagne called "Light it up".
Besides the local compaign, there are several national compaigns such as ''Zet je licht aan'' (put your light on) and ''Ik val op'' (I stand out).