New Year’s resolutions & cycling

New Year’s resolutions & cycling

With the closure of 2021 ahead, it is again time to think about your new years resolutions. We took the opportunity to help you with some cycling related new year’s resolution, please see for yourself if one of them fits your wishes. 

1. Cycling as a break

While we are continue working/studying in hybrid settings it become more and more important to stay healthy and active. What about going for a cycle ride once a weak as a break between sitting behind a screen? You will feel yourself active and refreshed after a little ride. 

2. Change your (cycle) route

Human beings often fall in routines. Can you challenge yourself to switch one of your routes to another mode of transport? Or change the street you are ‘normally’ travel on and experience another part of the town. You will see that changing your routine has a major influence on how you perceive your route. 

3. Cycle buddy

And last but certainly not least, ask someone else to join you on a bicycle ride, how much more fun is it to cycle together? Being out and social at the same time is something to look forward to in 2022.

New Year’s resolutions & cycling

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