In the Netherlands many people use the typical upright bicycles. Apart from that we have racing bikes, mountain bikes, electrically assisted bicycles, speed pedelec, cargo bikes and folding bikes. 

Racing bikes and mountain bikes are mainly used for recreational trips. A racing bike has a light-weight frame and slimmer tires that allow for higher speeds. Mountain bikes are made for driving off road, and have thicker tires. Because the tires are thicker than typical bicycles they sometimes are difficult to park in a bicycle rack.

The electrically assisted bicycle can go up to 25 km per hour and is classified as a bicycle. The speed pedelec can reach speeds of 45 km per hour and is therefore considered an electric moped with pedal assistance.

Cargo bikes are bikes with two or three wheels and a large front open box, with which cargo or small children can be transported. There are also cargo bikes available that have electric pedal assistance. Cargo bikes are considered bikes by law and can use the cycle path.

A folding bike is literally a bicycle that can be folded in order to make it easier to transport. The demand for this type of bicycle has clearly been rising lately, as more and more commuters are discovering its potential. Students too appear to like this type of bicycle: it can easily be transported in the train or on the bus.