It is so frustrating to walk up to the spot where you know you parked your bicycle, only to find that it is gone. There are several measures you can take to prevent this from happening.

  • Place a good quality lock on your bicycle.
  • Always lock it, even if you are only walking away from it for a few minutes.
  • Try to park it in a guarded parking facility.
  • Lock your bicycle both at the frame as through both wheels. Thieves could steel your frame without wheels or steel just your wheels.
  • When using a chain lock, position it high on your bike and make sure that there is no tension on it.This makes it harder for thieves to cut or saw the lock open.
  • Do not leave anything behind in bicycle bags or on your luggage carrier. It is advised to remove the bicycle computers, pumps and detachable lights.

Lost or stolen bicycle
In order to try to reduce the number of bicycle thefts, it is crucial to report the crime. By doing this, a bicycle will be recognised as being stolen and the search for the thief can start. The police can only take action after you reported the crime!