Parking safely

Safety in traffic is crucial. Having said that, finding a safe parking spot for your bicycle is pretty handy too. There are two ways to park your bicycle safely: in a guarded bicycle parking facility or well-locked in an unguarded bicycle shed. If you park unguarded, make sure that you use an extra lock to fix your bicycle to a stand or a pole.

What to do when your bicycle has been stolen?
Unfortunately, bicycles are regularly being stolen. If this should happen to you, it is important to report the theft at a local police station or on the internet (Dutch website). Fill in your personal details and indicate the bicycle theft. You will need your bicycle’s frame number and brand for this (national) registration. You can check the register for stolen bicycles afterwards to see if yours is listed there. This register can also be used to check whether a second-hand bicycle that you are considering to buy is truly owned by the seller. 

Alternatives to the bicycle
If you do not own a bicycle, you can rent one or choose a different transport mode. The public transport system is well-developed and very commonly used in the Netherlands.