The Netherlands is famous in the world for being a safe cycling country. This is a result of our safe road designs as well as having regulation that strongly focuses on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Being a cyclist, you need to adhere to the rules that are mentioned here. The rules are often indicated by traffic signs. We pay special attention to the cyclist’s position on the road.

Traffic can seem quite complex and the Dutch rules can be very different from the ones in your country. If, after reading this website, you are not completely convinced that you fully master the rules and understand the described traffic situations, try to approach your fellow students. Exchanging experiences and knowledge with others can help you to deal with difficult situations.

Correct and incorrect situations are presented below. 


The basic rule is: cycle on the right-hand side of the road.

Wageningen has cycle tracks with two-way traffic. You can recognize them by the specific traffic sign and the white interrupted marking lines separating the two directions.


Do not cycle on the left.